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AndyWeather is data collected from Andy Leonard's weather station: AndyWeather.

Location: 37° 13' 58.0182" N, 78° 27' 8.1612" W (Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, USA)
Weather Data at 2019-02-19 14:48 ET:
In Andy's Office: 75.9 °F(24.39 °C)
(Outside measurements are subject to connectivity
between the base station and instruments, which is... spotty.
Sometimes the measurements "stick.")
Outside Temperature: 46.2 °F(7.89 °C)
Local Barometric Pressure: 29.97293 inHg (1015 mb)
Average Wind Speed: 5.56 mph (2.485485 m/s)
Gust: 15.29 mph(6.835083 m/s)
Wind Chill: 46 °F (7.78 °C)


Weather Underground widget for the AndyWeather Station:

Weather Underground PWS KVAFARMV9
Weather Underground PWS KVAFARMV9